Wyrdwood Wand v3 - New Look, More Changes!

Hello Wizards!

Get your hats ready because this is a big update! It's been fantastic seeing everyone start to dig into the system and run one shots and combat demos! Thanks to all of you and my own dedicated team of play testers, we have a nice large update to greet us here in the middle of May! I've put a lot of work into improving the flow of the text and making the rules easier to digest;  special thanks to Winged on this front for her services with this update! I'll see you all again at the start of next month with a smaller update and the release of the mysterious Mind Mage path!

Major Changes
- Many Text Changes: Various sections have been re-written or elaborated upon, and the order of sections has changed significantly. Hopefully this is an improvement!
- Prowess: The Prowess stat has been added to the game to codify the usage of "Half Level" better.
- Backgrounds: They now work a bit differently! You choose two, and together they define the context of your character. However, you choose the talent only from one.
- No More Endless Rituals: Create Aether Crystals now limited to once per long rest as intended. Ooops.
- Less Is More: Only 1 Accessory Equipment slot now.
- Rules Down: Now there's only three rules of spellcasting.
- Ongoing Damage: All ongoing damage has been standardized to 5.
- Skirmishing: Various introductory skirmish spells changed.
- Knightbreak: Knight Armor nerfed at low levels.
- The Witchening: Various spells now have bonus effects for Witches.
- Hold Your Horses: Various effects that increased speed by +2 have been changed to add +1 speed instead.

Other Changes
- Lore: Some geography was previously flipped; it was been corrected for consistancy. Oops.
- Alteration: Mountain's Glory and Windgust slightly changed. Gauntlets of Stone and Telekinesis did a switcheroo. Witch Capstone reworked.
- Creation: Changes to Fabricate and Draw Reality. Flying Chariot reworked and moved to Rites. New creation spell - Grasping Claw - added. Changes to Weaver.
- Dream: Spirit Fury changed. Several mechanics relying on recoveries have been changed.
- Elemental: Changes to Crush Down and Elemental Arms. Attunement Shield and Elemental Fling changes. Changes to Elemental Assault. Various small changes to Force Mage.
- Life: Changes to Empowerment, Restoration, Scarlet Cleaver, Surging Prowess, and Verdant Field. Changes to Crimson Mage, and White Mage.
- Radiant: Gained 'Infusion' as starting spell. Invoke the Chaos Winds and Heart of Azure Flame swapped. Sword of the Morning changed, On Ascendant Stars! nerf. A few other changes to Arcanist and Sorcerer. Exalt of Luck has x1 per short rest limit as intended.
- Warp: Behold! A Time Cube! upgraded. Chromancer received a Time Shards nerf, and traded Ponder for Echoes of the Future. Changes to 'What If Machine'.
- Changed Items: Weapons adjusted a bit. Wands nerfed. Heavy Armor changed. A few accessories reworked.
- Creatures: Many small changes. Many enemies had their damage increased.


Wyrdwood Wand - Mid May Playtest.pdf 7 MB
May 14, 2021
Wyrdwood Wand Character Sheet.pdf 25 kB
May 02, 2021
Wyrdwood Wand - Mid May Demo.pdf 7 MB
May 14, 2021

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A great tabletop system! Lovely community that works to make it even better! A++

Lot of good changes.