Wyrdwood Wand Version Six is Live!

Hello Everyone! Wyrdwood Wand v6.0 is now live and available for download. 

Version 6.0 brings us to 229 pages, a more than 50% increase from the previous version's 146 pages! Accordingly, version six comes with lot of new content that I am hoping you will enjoy. Below is a summary of the additions you can expect to find;

  • New Adept Paths: Seven new Adept Paths have been added to the game, one for each Basic Path for a total of three per Path. We're now joined by the Telekinetic for Alteration Magic, the Shimmering Champion for Creation Magic, the Dreamwright for Dream Magic, the Lightspinner for Elemental Magic, the Black Mage for Life Magic, the Warlock for Radiant Magic, and the Voidstep Adept for Warp Magic. The Evoker and the Crimson Mage have also had noticeable changes to their structure and spells, to make them more versatile and hopefully flavorful.
  • Reworked Expert Paths: The way Expert Paths function has been slightly reworked to make them more enticing. In addition to their initial talents, they also now offer two unique spells, powers, or actions to learn. There are also several new expert paths: The Classical Specialist, the Prism Mage, the Traditional Wizard, and the Warbreaker.
  • Adjustments to Capstones: Capstones are now known as 'Expert Techniques', and are also joined by 'Master Techniques' which are available at level 7. Instead of taking up a Talent slot, both Expert and Master Techniques are built into progression separately.
  • More Content: Typical balance changes, content tweaks, new spells, new rites, new rituals, one new background, many new NPC stat-blocks, many new items, maps, art, and more lore!!

I’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone that has participated in play testing and sent in feedback! I’d also like to give huge thanks to Break, Cable, Castella, DataNinja, Dhrall, Sketchy-Link-Spambot for their absolutely essential aid in hunting down typos, giving feedback, and generally being amazing pals! I am really good at creating said typos though, so please forgive me if some yet roam the wilderness of my pdf. You can probably expect a 6.1 update within a couple of weeks that focuses primarily on mistakes and typos.

Please join us in the Wyrdwood Wand Discord if you have any questions, comments, or requests for new art!


Wyrdwood Wand - v6.0.pdf 11 MB
Jul 29, 2022
Mind Mage - v6.0.pdf 129 kB
Jul 29, 2022

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