The Gigantic v6 Update Is Coming

Hi everyone!

I know it has been more than a year since the last update, but this game has not been forgotten! I have been hard at work on a major content update, which releases at last this Friday, July 29th. This update increases the book's page count by more than 50%, to 226 pages as of this moment, so you can expect a lot of new stuff! I do apologize it took quite so long, but many of these were changes that did not make sense to release incrementally. I'm really proud of how the game is looking after this update, and I hope you will enjoy it too!

As for a change log, there’s so many small balance changes and rules tweaks that I cannot possibly list them all, but here is a summary of the major changes you can look forward to in version six.

  • New Adept Paths: Seven new Adept Paths have been added to the game, one for each Basic Path. We're now joined by the Telekinetic for Alteration, the Shimmering Champion for Creation, the Dreamwright for Dream Magic, the Lightspinner in Elemental Magic, the Black Mage in Life Magic, the Warlock in Radiant Magic, and the Voidstep Adept in Warp Magic. The Evoker and the Crimson Mage have also had noticeable changes to their structure and spells, to make them more versatile and hopefully flavorful.
  • Reworked Expert Paths: The way Expert Paths function has been slightly reworked to make them more enticing. In addition to their initial talents, they also now offer two unique spells, powers, or actions to learn. There are also several new expert paths: The Classical Specialist, the Prism Mage, the Traditional Wizard, and the Warbreaker.
  • Adjustments to Capstones: Capstones are now known as 'Expert Techniques', and are also joined by 'Master Techniques' which are available at level 7. Instead of taking up a Talent slot, both Expert and Master Techniques are built into progression separately.
  • More Content: New spells, new rites and rituals, many new NPC stat-blocks, many new items, maps, art, and more lore.

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👀👀👀 Excited for it!!