Bi-Monthly Patch!

This time, the changes are fairly minor! Elemental Magic's attunement mechanic was removed and simplified. Several spells had their Aether Boost effects buffed.

v5 Change Log

- Alteration: Changes to Quake, Corrosive Cloud, The Hard Place.
- Creation: Changes to Slime Time, Plasm Binding.
- Dream: Changes to Sliver of the Dreaming Lands. Important mistake in Witch and Lancer capstones rectified.
- Elemental: Change to Elemental Magic basic path and Evoker adept path to remove Attunement mechanic. Changes to Energy Bolt, Burning Field, Crush Down, Elemental Arms, Storm Hook, Winds of Winter, Attunement Shield, Prism Orb, Elemental Assault, and Smite.
- Life: Changes to Empowerment, Enervating Heartlight Disruption Technique, Restoration, Crimson Wish, Deadly Gambit.
- Radiant: :) No Changes.
- Warp: Changes to Phase Bullet and Theft of Time.
- Creatures: Brain Melter Slime moved to Mind Magic supplement. Sorry about not catching this one earlier, folks.

Mind Mage Change Log
- Basic Path: Changes to Adrenal Whip, Echo All Pain, Tactical Inspiration
- Mastermind: Changes to Mental Link and Mindmark.


Wyrdwood Wand - v5 Mid June.pdf 7 MB
Jun 15, 2021
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Jun 15, 2021

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