Update v4, June - Knightly Caliber Update

Hello Wizards! Happy Pride Month!! 🥳

This Month's update is not as large as last month's, but still meaty. A few balance tweaks, especially for Knight role talents. Witch base role talent got switched up, too as they were a little too potent off the bat. I had planned to have a section on improvised rituals this month, but as I've been working on that section I've discovered I want to keep baking it before I put it out for release, so please wait warmly. Again, thanks to everyone that's been playtesting and providing feedback! As a note, sometime this coming month I'll be running some Community Game sessions on Discord. Join us there for updates if you're interested!

v4 Change Log

Major Changes

- Knightly Caliber: Several Knight talents have been changed.
- Lancer: Lancer Base talent also slightly buffed.* I forgot to note this in the pdf's update log! Apologies!
- Witchly Switchly: Witch base talent changed. Aether Finesse folded into base talent; Aether Reach now its own talent.
- Equipment Changes: Equipment system has been simplified again; body slots items have been removed. Now there are four equipment slots: Main Hand, Off-Hand, and two Accessories.
- Rite Changes: Many combat-leaning rites have been either removed or moved to other places.
- Colorful Slimes: Slimes are now color coded!

Other Changes

- Alteration: Gauntlets of Stone nerf. Transmogrify is now Quick. Shatterpulse change. Weaving of Protection buff.
- Creation: Color Field buff. Decoy Blade Technique now correctly labeled a Trick. Keen Mind nerfed.
- Dream: Buff to Spirit Fury. Castigate changed. Nap Time nerf. Spirit Contracts nerf.
- Elemental: Energy Bolt typo. Attunement Shield change. Crush Down buff. Flash Freeze buff. Attunement Mastery nerf.
- Life: Lifeline Change. Changes to Cull and Diagnosis; Taste of Blood merged into Diagnosis. White Mage prerequisites changed.
- Radiant: Changes to Heart of Azure Flame, Spellbreak, and Sword of the Morning. Exalt of Luck moved to Sorcerer and replaced High Weirdness. Kiss of Chaos and Invoke the Chaos Winds tweaks. Dance of Starlight Agony change. Arcanist's Aether Diversion gained a new component. Spell Research changed to Ritual Research. Future's Market removed for now. Changes to Hex Knight.
- Warp: Merged Synchronicity into Chronomancer's Echoes of the Future. Ponder Nerf. Spatial Master nerf.
- Creatures: Constructs no longer immune to Hexes or Sapped.Many many critters have had their defenses adjusted.
- Items: Many armors and accessories changed!


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Jun 01, 2021

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